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HANO Police Conference

Special thanks to the ATC unit in New Orleans. They assisted me in achieving a goal I had for many years. This was an incredible experience for both me and my daughter Jazz. Also, thank you to my best friend Alexa, who is behind the camera. Thank you for all of your love and support. Thank you for listening, and learning a bit more on “Stranger, Danger” awareness and any other advocacy assistance they might need with Kaliyahs Lessons.

Seminar: Belly of the Beast clip

Dallas, Texas Pan African Bookstore.  Kaliyah’s Lessons first metaphysics and  mental health event was a success. It was a fantastic and, dare I say, a positive turnout. Thank you to V. Wilson for making this happen. 

My family and I cook for an emergency shelter for boys

This is the amazing staff that allows us to feed the boys. You can do it as well! Simply call and do some research. Inquire with your local police about how you can become more involved in your community.

Volunteered at Plano city house

We prepared tacos, ice cream sandwiches, and flavourful sides for the boys to enjoy. If you enjoy cooking, please share your talents. Some shelters will not allow external food, and others do. I genuinely think it is much more personal when you cook in front of them. Give them some community love and healing. Remember that time has no monetary value.

Human Trafficking Program : Guest Speaker

I was invited to the Slidell, Louisiana Human Trafficking Conference hosted by our true Hero’s of New Orleans ATC Team. This was my time with the our youth. We got to read Stranger, Danger, which was followed by a Q&A, as well as show our Stranger, Danger (short-film) and Water video (intro to self awareness), which was followed by an interactive demonstration. This is only the beginning.