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Dark Knight Poster. When we face our trauma to heal and take what we’ve learned from our teacher no matter the role they’ve played in our lives. Feel it and let it go to free yourself and get back on your path. The dark knight is a time in your life when you want to be alone, sitting in low energy. The events that we’ve may have or have not reacted to could come up later. Spirit has a way of forcing you into solitude to get your attention. The Dark Knight time period is mental and has a way of changing your perception in regards to your higher self. Don’t be afraid to wear your spiritual armor when trauma rises from within. The brain becomes defensive causing our body to get in protection mode. #runnerchaser Shed the light and do the shadow work. . The most important thing is to take back your power (in thought) and retrain your body in fight or flight mode. This is the time to be brave and confront the root of it all. Next you forgive yourself and all parties involved. Now you know. Last, know that healing takes time. Be gentle with yourself. When you come out of the dark knight is seems as though your in a new cycle with new energy. The circle of life.
Reveal to understand. Understand to acknowledge. Acknowledge to grow. #bebrave #metaphysics101 #healingmantra
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Welcome to Jazzy's Parables-Awareness Series Online

Background on Series:

As a mother, I wanted to instill meaningful lessons in my daughters Kaliyah and Jazzy. So Stranger, Danger was born and released into the universe. Our communities have responded positively. My goal is to develop creative materials for girls and boys who are struggling with self-awareness and other mental blockages.
I believe that if the child knew more conscious lessons about protection, decrement, self-worth, and mental stability, their journey would be a little easier. This material is intended for children who struggle with self-esteem and self-image.
I’m a visual learner, and I wish I’d known this when I was younger. Jazzy’s Parable is a five-year metaphysical, quantum mechanics, and mental health awareness series that I’ve been working on. I’m a visual learner with experience as a single parent. I’ve devised a novel method of instilling self-confidence in my future readers. Some of the stories I’d like to write involve difficult lessons. This is a tool for dealing with trauma and finding inner peace. Once you’ve grasped Science in my self-awareness or pyramid chart, the rest is easy. Introducing into the universe.
Thank you for visiting. Enjoy
Pyramid Chart – How We Work – Unpacking Self Awareness (Visually)

Intro Pyramid Chart: Our temple

Jazzy’s Parable Series

Our temple is…

Jazzy’s Parable Series
Thinking Good thought creates a stable emotional temple. We absorb emotions and vibes all around us like a sponge to water. Have clarity.

Protecting yourself

Jazzy’s Parable Series

Parents ⚠️ Toxic and Healthy Obsessions #Mentalcheck

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Explaining rage 😡 in our Model

In your body, we have seven chakra centers. I’ve discovered the rage we experience can lead to imbalances inwardly. The root is red in nature, our sacral is orange in nature, and the solar plexus is yellow in nature. When you’re in rage, your stability (root) has fallen, your bond/interaction (sacral) is faulty (creating negativity) Powered (Solar Plexus) by the top of the gut. Screaming 😱 This is the energy that warms the blood to fast.
Rage puts a strain on your heart. Your divine peace has been interrupted. It’s been replaced with chaos. The truth about our temples, our inner world of light we each share separately. Our lower three chakras are active. (Red, Orange and Yellow) 🔥= Rage 😡 Don’t release negative outside your temple. There’s a big chance you could release unstable energy into the universe. In the now, you can’t take it back. It wasn’t analyzed by thought because your heart was blocked. Scripture tells us you can’t get to father without going through the son Yahsuah is represented by the heart, our third eye represent our father’s chamber. This is true statement. Just wanted to show you and share.