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Throughout a tedious life of hardship and controversy, Kamila M. Onikosi became an author of children’s books. After growing up in Dallas, Texas, she began her studies of criminal justice at Collin College. Eventually, Onikosi came to have two children that sparked the probabilities of being a parent. Like many guardians, she was concerned about their safety which allowed her to be more vocal about present issues that await them if they were not enlightened of their surroundings. This predicament allowed Onikosi to take a journey that focused on the mind’s consciousness.

Kamila Onikosi is heavily dedicated to promoting silenced voices amongst finding her own. This newfound confidence started when she experienced political science during her time in college. Once she became the ambassador of New Beginning’s Domestic Violence Shelter, it was proven that she was able to positively influence the lives of others. Additionally, Onikosi carried a message that spread into various communities as she began her research in metaphysics and quantum mechanics. Kamila Onikosi is “a woman who believes in hard work” with the heartfelt goal of teaching mental wellness and awareness. This project is committed to accomplish what it means to prepare the future generation for what our world has to offer.

Our new book is coming soon

Safety first, and if you’re a parent then you will love my book “Stranger, Danger.” With a new look, more tips and exercises to incorporate into your everyday lives. Keeping up with the times means updates for our children in our inner-city communities and outreach programs. Coming Soon.
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Kaliyah’s Lessons LLC Established in September 2020
Inspire creativity, explore your true divinity. -Koko
Inspire creativity, explore your true divinity. -Koko
Kaliyah’s Lessons LLC Established in September 2020

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