• I ignored you

    Look at me, but no words to speak. The rice rots from the inside out.

  • I loved you

    I have spoke love onto you, and you live on timeless. Rice never changes, only brighter.

  • I hate you

    The words we fuel and give to one another, while in the heat of the moment can be deadly. How we forget rage is a temporary emotion, but leaves a slow germ. Speaking words of hate makes the rice rot, mold and change colors, could this be the cause of cancer? Stay tuned...

Kaliyah's Research for The Power of Words| Meta-Lesson

Home Video, Research to our book "The Power of Words" a metaphysical lesson we all can benefit from. Dr. E.Moto Water experiment, power of vibrations, stem from personal E.Motionfuels by the chakra. which gives life to all.

Awareness in the words you speak and think about most. Our family protect and research, check it out!

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