Kami’s Biography

Jun. 26, 2022

Mini Biography:

Kamila M. Onikosi is a cohesive actor capable of performing flexible roles. She was born in Dallas, Texas alongside her parents, Kamila M. Cokes, an entrepreneur and Weldon J. Jeffrey, truck driver.
As Onikosi grew up in Texas, she made her first appearance as one of the communities’ children on the local cable access show, “Rapping with the Fairies (early 90’s) around six years old, promoting the slogan, “Get the message, just be a Kid.”, with Thalia Louise Sims, commonly known as Fairy Street Mama on her show. Ever since this guest roles, she developed her passion and inspiration for theatrics. This coincided with her participation in beauty pageants, cheerleading, and various programs that included dance.
Dancing encouraged the adolescent to proceed on her path of performance especially during her time at the private school, W.E. Greiner Exploratory Arts Academy and being a student of Etta Jamison at the professional dance studio, Etta’s Dance Expression for nine years. Both programs allowed Onikosi to perform twice in versions of the musical, the Nutcracker and The Ebony Nutcracker. She was also affiliated with the organization, Girl’s Inc. of Metropolitan, were she’s attained skills such as public speaking and confidence which contributed to her ability as an actress.
Around 2013, Onikosi met Greg Finenco who encouraged her to join the modeling and acting school, John Casablanca’s. There, she was able to book her first photoshoot as a Glamour Shots Model, introducing a new frame and be employed to Core Agency.
Maturing into adulthood, Onikosi started to expand her talents into the world of acting. Some of her first jobs within the industry were voiceovers, hair modeling, print and commercial work locally. This led to her multiple platforms gaining more attention and support. Subsequently, the role for an Inspiration Goddess by the name of Kayla to Onikosi by the Annual Essence Festival for McDonald’s stage in 2017-2018.
After establishing a relationship with Louisiana Lottery in 2017. She earned the title of Mascot and other varies roles over the years. Ms. Onikosi self-published an awareness book called Kaliyah’s Lessons ‘Stranger, Danger” in 2022 (Revised). A prevention book for children ages five years and older. She continues to work and raise her children in Louisiana.

Personalized Quotes:
“I’m just a woman who believes in work. Honest and Hard work!”

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