I’ve always loved the arts and kept at it behind the scenes. Since I was a kid ive been studying and showing up to each opportunity you see here. Don’t give up on yourself. Take care of yourself, your children and your home. Love is key.

2022 Actress’s Reel


Must Watch Supernova

Written and Directed by Prinsey Walker

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Special Thanks

Special Thanks to Cast and Crew members for one of the most amazing experience. With so much love.

Congratulations to Jazzy and Jess Harley for Best Documentary
Best Documentary-Remaking the Injury

Remaking the Injury- Directed by Jazzy

Won best documentary at Jr Prize Film Festival.
Teacher Jess Harley
Jazzy: Cinematography and Director

Coming 🔜: Our Next Metaphysics Lesson. My gift to you

Thank you to New Orleans ATC (Alcohol Tasks Force) for giving us a platform. Kaliyah read our book “Stranger, Danger” and Jazmine provided Awareness tips. Then I finished off with our presentation Intro into Consciousness workshop made easy. (Waterbody.mov Stranger, Danger.mov, mock kidnapping, audience participation, q&a and more).

Thank you for taking a chance in us! This experience has opened our eyes and mind. This has filled our hearts with so much joy.
New Orleans Thank you!!!!