Kami Divine as Master Bee 🐝 in Supernova -Shortfilm

Supernova Directed and Written by Prinsey Walker

Congratulations to our baby girl Jazzy! Jazzy won Best Director in her documentary called Remaking the Injury “A documentary” with her teacher Jess Harley.

Paragon Casino

Coming 🔜: Our Next Metaphysics Lesson. My gift to you

Our invitation to HANO’s Police conference. Thank you to our women and men in blue. We appreciate your support!

Be safe for the Holiday's. Don't forget to share with your kids CODE Words, and awareness tips for winter break!

Our New LOGO

Thank you to New Orleans ATC (Alcohol Tasks Force) for giving us a platform. Kaliyah read our book “Stranger, Danger” and Jazmine provided Awareness tips. Then I finished off with our presentation Intro into Consciousness workshop made easy. (Waterbody.mov Stranger, Danger.mov, mock kidnapping, audience participation, q&a and more).

Thank you for taking a chance in us! This experience has opened our eyes and mind. This has filled our hearts with so much joy.
New Orleans Thank you!!!!

DF/DM Keep your inner peace as you Say “Yes” to your opportunities. Never give up on yourself. This website is a testimony for me and my journey from West Dallas Projects.
Remember to say yes to change! Don’t stay stuck. Live in the energy of love for you❤️

❤️Positive Vibes Only

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    2021 Headshots by Jonah Gilmore #NewOrleans #NOLA #Headshots #Actorsheadshot

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    Kaliyah's Lessons Series and Jazzy's Parables.

    Stranger, Danger, Power of Words, Twister Fuels, Character Posters, Shows and More.


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