Coming 🔜: Our Next Metaphysics Lesson. My gift to you

Our invitation to HANO’s Police conference. Thank you to our women and men in blue. We appreciate your support!

  • Headshots

    2021 Headshots by Jonah Gilmore #NewOrleans #NOLA #Headshots #Actorsheadshot

  • The Idea!

    Kaliyah's Lessons Series and Jazzy's Parables.

    Stranger, Danger, Power of Words, Twister Fuels, Character Posters, Shows and More.


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DF/DM Keep your inner peace as you Say “Yes” to your opportunities. Never give up on yourself. This website is a testimony for me and my journey from West Dallas Projects.
Remember to say yes to change! Don’t stay stuck. Live in the energy of love for you❤️

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Thank you to New Orleans ATC (Alcohol Tasks Force) for giving us a platform. Kaliyah read our book “Stranger, Danger” and Jazmine provided Awareness tips. Then I finished off with our presentation Intro into Consciousness workshop made easy. ( Stranger,, mock kidnapping, audience participation, q&a and more).

Thank you for taking a chance in us! This experience has opened our eyes and mind. This has filled our hearts with so much joy.
New Orleans Thank you!!!!